Is there an uninstall tool for removing Webroot from my computer?

  • 21 September 2016
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I was unable to remove Webroot software from my computers.  I read there is an uninstall tool to get rid of it so it doesn't hang around like a bad virus.  I saw there are a lot of complaints about not being able to get remove Webroot software.  Is this intentional?  I had bought a Webroot Complete upgrade, and read I should uninstall the old software before installing the new.  When the uninstall did not work, I installed the CD over it on the Windows 10 computer and it seems to work and the keycode was accepted.  On the Windows XP, it caused all kinds of problems and my computer made a lot of noise and I thought it was damaged.  Awful!  It never was able to complete a scan.   I finally got the idea to just put the new keycode in program that was still on the computer after I figured out where it was located under my account with the little flower icon.  Seemed to work and password manager and storage icons appeared and it did a smooth scan.  

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1 reply

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Hi digitalsurfer
No there is no removal tool but there is a set of instruction on how to try to remove WSA if removal is proving difficult. Please see this KB Article on the subject.
Regards, Baldrick