New to webroot and need help with setting up my account

  • 22 October 2012
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As the subject reads I am new and I need some help.

I have 2 laptops. One for me and one for my wife. We have 2 different andriod phones as well. After I created my webroot account I did create a user with my wifes name an email adress and I gave access to everything. Admin for all.  
As I understand we are both connected to the same account but we can log in through different email adresses.  When I log in via my email adress I cant see that there is more than 1 computer protected and 1 smartphone connected. And when I log in via my wifes email adress I can only se that here computer and her phone is protected. Why is it like this? Shouldnt I be able to see that there is 2 computers and 2 phones connected to my account when I am admin?
How is the backup working then? We have tried to share folders by logging in to the backup module to the other parts email adress from eachothers laptops. We can se the shared folder but it does not sync between us. I am kind of lost her.
I want to be able to:
- Separate our backup so we dont mix them. My pics for my computer etc etc
- Share a folder so when I or she is putting a file (picture) there, the other one will see it on the other computer.
- See all computers that are protected under my license. (we have the same license)
-See all phones that are protected under my license.
Any good suggestions how?


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Hi Brumlebassen,

I think you're probably looking at the Backup screens specifically when you're logged in as either you or your wife, which is why you're seeing only the devices in use with either your own or your wife's credentials.

You can see that you're protected on all four devices if you go to PC Security and Mobile Security on the MyWebroot account screen.

The reason Backup is set up this way is that most people would prefer to have a separation of data between two accounts. Although some people may be comfortable sharing the data among all of the devices, that's not always the same dynamic. A lot of times, husband doesn't want wife seeing his data and vice versa, or maybe there is an account for one of your kids or you gave one of your seats to a friend, etc. It sounds like you want to keep them separate. Based on how you've got it set up, on different accounts, you won't see any mixing up of data between those two different accounts.

As a result of this separation, sharing a folder between the two accounts is not possible. If you would like, you can put in a feature request in the Ideas Exchange for Cross-Account Folder Sharing. Currently, that's not an available option, but we can certainly look into it if there is a lot of demand for such a feature.