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  • 24 August 2012
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I've recently installed Anywhere Complete 2012 after having to reformat my pc due to a virus that bypassed my previous antivirus software (McAfee).  Total reformat (actually, reformatted twiced because it still seemed kind of buggy after the first reformatting), then installed this software.  Now, my pc freezes periodically.  Its random, not specific to any particular website, but always occurring while I'm browsing the internet.  Since I'm new this to this antivirus software, I'm wondering if the freezing is occurring because of scanning or something else concerning Webroot.  Has anyone else seen this occur or experienced this problem?  I'm hoping its simply a setting I can adjust that will fix the issue.
Thanks for any feedback.

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3 replies

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When it comes to freezing issues, it's important that Support looks at your logs to determine the cause of the issue.  In such cases, it's best to open a support ticket.  I'd be happy to look at this case myself for you.  When you open the ticket, just be sure to use the same email address you signed up to the forum with, and reply here that you've opened it.  That will signal me to go looking for it and see what the problem is for you.  🙂
I just opened the support ticket with 'Attn Jim M' in the subject field.
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Just to follow up in case onlookers are curious, the logs indicated the operating environment is experiencing some stability issues. I suggested uninstalling Webroot temporarily to see if these sort of issues persist. My analysis of the logs didn't point to Webroot as the cause of the issue, and removing Webroot temporarily is the best way to make sure that's the case if there is any uncertainty about it.