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  • 16 February 2012
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My battle with a malware sent me on a path to WebRoot. The name of the malware has slipped my mind (that's good!), but it attacted all my .exe files. My computer was runing F-secure from charter, which did not block it or find it. The computer was also running iolo System mechanic.
To rid the malware, I downloaded and ran MalwareBytes, which did stop the problem. I also ended up installing SpeedyPC Pro to finish the cleanup after the malware removal. Next, researched new protection for the PC and choose WebRoot (hooray!). No I am not employed by WebRoot, just enjoying it.
Now, I have a subscription to System Mechanic 10 and SpeedyPC Pro. Which one of these will compliment Webroot the best? Or, maybe, I do not need either? From running both of them simutaneously, SpeedyPC seems to be doing a better job than System Mechanic.
Looking for some good feedback.

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Hey Neil!
I think you'll get some better feedback if we move this over to the product forum. Which version of SecureAnywhere are you using?
Glad you have loved Webroot so far!
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Hi Neil. I, too, had a couple of other PC products that I was using to keep my system in check. I was using PC Optimizer Pro, and its partner program, One Click Privacy, to keep my internet footprint to a minimum. After getting Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete, I have been able to uninstall almost all of the other programs, with the exception of Malwarebytes Pro. WSAC does pretty much everything that those other programs were doing without taking up a bunch of space on my hard drive. I can clean my internet tracks and clean up space on my hard drive using just the one program. I do also use CCleaner to check my registry errors and clean those up, as well as using the uninstaller. Other than that, everything I need to do as far as security is done through WSAC.
Hope that helps you somewhat.
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My personal opinion is that registry cleaners can cause more harm than good! I know you were infected before using WSA the best thing to do at that time would go to one of the Malware removal sites that trained volunteers would help you clean your system with specific tools! See here for Example: and or there are many more sites that do this type of Malware cleaning free of charge!
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Hi Neil,
I agree with what T H says about WSAC containing the tools that you need to keep your system clean.  The addition of Malwarebytes can't hurt either in terms of having another tool to run in the layered approach.  Having provided technical support for a long time, I too have seen too many instances where people load a bunch of extra tools on to their systems that do not really provide any benefits and can sometimes cause more problems.
If by chance you have any further questions about the System Cleanup tools in SecureAnywhere, please let me know and I would be happy to help.
After posting, I though it should be moved. But, could not find out how to move it.
Thanks for all the great feedback! It will be very helpful. I am glad to hear that WSAC does the extras.
Thanks, TH! More great feedback! Will be investigating the links. The last few months are my busiest time of the year. Will have the time soon to learn WSAC's ins and outs.
Thanks for the offer HowardR! I will be taking you up on the offer soon!
CatB, I believe that I am using the 2012 version of SecureAnywhere Complete.
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Oh, great! Just wanted to make sure we moved this to the right spot - and that You got the right advice and tips. Looks like you got plenty!
i ran the webroot utility and it messed up firefox and facebook where i had to reset firefox
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Sorry to hear that - in what way did it mess them up?  
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Hello webbit, sorry to hear this...can you explain abit more? And welcome to the WSA Community Forum!
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Hello webbit and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Nice to see you come over from the forest of Wilders! With your issue I have never seen WSA mess anything up using it's Optimizer so I would suggest that you Submit a Support Ticket to find out what really happened as they can gather a few logs from your system.
Daniel 😉
it was like all the graphics on the page were gone, i had i will do it again and do a screen shot, its big issue  as i know what to do
i have just run it again the same thing happened but after a reboot all is well, so not really an issue
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I believe I 'see' what is happening here.... I have had a similar problem though NOT caused by WSA. 
My kids generally fail to clear the cache, ever.  As in they never do.  Once the history and cache build up to a certain extent, the browser on their device begins doing this: it displays unformatted text only.  No images, all formatting of the page is lost.
Running WSA Optimizer and then restarting the browser usually clears it, though if you are having to reboot the computer first there may be an issue with the browser itself that a re-install of the browser itself will correct.
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It sounds like the CSS on the page didn't load for some reason.  I can see clearing the cache removing the cached CSS, but it should have triggered a fresh download when you loaded the pages again.  If it keeps happening I'd suggest contacting support on this one.
should be.jpg on previous post??, but what happens to facebook also happens to this forum, firefox onl;y though
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As Nic said, the CSS files are a part of your internet cache, so they are removed when running the Optimizer.  It sounds like if the problem happens only on FireFox, then there is something not working quite right with it: IE and Chrome are correctly reloading the CSS but Firefox isnt.  As that seems to be what is happening, ANY program that clears cache and cookies is likely to have the same result.
There may be something that can be done either in the Firefox settings or other that can be done to help this...  Please go ahead and submit a Trouble Ticket as Nic suggested to see if they can help tweak things in Firefox to keep this from happening.