Running WSA Complete like Running Essentials?

  • 4 February 2012
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As you can see from the post I made about WSA discounted prices, I could get WSA Complete for $39.99
 I am running WSA Essentials and I like it. I do not need all the add-ons that Complete has. (Password, Android & iOS protection). I can use the extra online storage. For password protection I have been using RoboForm for the last 5 or so years. The Military Bases only sells Complete. If I bought WSA Complete can I disable the add-ons, mainly password protection so it does not interfere with RoboForm?

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The password protection in complete is downloaded through a link within the program.It's not automatic upon install of WSA-C.I would assume if you don't wish to use the pwd manager,just don't download it.Have never used Roboform,but i'm very happy with the pdw manager in WSA-C
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Hi ProTruckDriver,
You definitely don't have to use the extra features that come with Complete. Most of the options require some level of activation or installation to make them active.
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@ wrote:
Have never used Roboform,but i'm very happy with the pdw manager in WSA-C
Thank you Superssjdan & KeithH for the reply.
Superssjdan, now you got my curiosity up on password manager in WSA-C, which leads to another question:
If I were to download Password Manager on my computer to try it out but liked RoboForm better, would I be able to disable or take WSA Password manager off my computer? Is it once you download Password Manager to your computer, it's always there no matter how many times you install and uninstall Complete?
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I suppose the only way to fully get rid of it would be to do an uninstall and reinstall,but,it wont autofill a thing unless you are logged into the toolbar.Clicking on the arrow next to webroot in the toolbar and selecting preferences will allow some configuration options as well