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  • 6 December 2019
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Why in 2019 does Webroot (Business) score so badly when tested with AV Test.


WR has not detected a lot of malware on my client PC’s but then again neither did Malwarebytes when I tested it in them….




4 replies

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Hey @Xtype 

First, I think it is useful to provide a bit of background on how Webroot operates and how that relates to these third-party tests.


Many third-party tests operate in a manner that doesn’t take into account the way Webroot works. We’re inherently different. Webroot uses a dynamic, cloud-based solution. The agent that’s loaded on a PC or Mac quickly checks files against our constantly evolving list of behaviors, files and sites that are good, bad or unknown. This allows the product to closely monitor files that aren’t already known as good or malicious, they’re still unknown. We can track the file’s behavior until it is determined to be good or bad. If it’s bad, then it can often rollback any actions the malicious file took.


Malware detection and prevention is not about a moment in time. It is an ongoing battle against the bad actors out there – millions of end users, partners and customers trust, and are delighted in the protection Webroot offers.


Our current Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus version includes multiple layers of protection and shields.


You can see for yourself how our product stacks up against competitors for real users on sites like G2 Crowd and SpiceWorks.


We do find significant fault with the AV-Test methodology and rankings.  AV-Test performed testing without notifying Webroot. Additionally their test methodology was not compliant with AMTSO standards, which outlines the gold testing standards agreed upon by over 60 cybersecurity and testing companies.


One thing is clear.  We’re fully committed to our products and methodologies to keep all customers secure.



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Thank you Keenan


I have another client PC that has malware. A WR endpoint is installed on the affected PC as well but WR has not detected any infection. I have managed to back up the files on a cleaned external drive and as with the others my plan is to wipe and reinstall.

Instead if reinstalling would it be possible to get assistance from Webroot to try and investigate and maybe clean - remove the malware on this PC?

It is important to note that I would have only a 24 hour window to do this as it is a busy business system hence it was easier to reinstall the others from scratch.

Regards and Thanks,


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The above post from @khumphrey is true for PC’s. Webroot works a little different on Mac computers. On Mac computers Webroot is not 100% Cloud based and there is not a “Roll Back” feature. This post explains the features on a Mac from Webroot Support:


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@Xtype ,

If you’re having difficulties removing malware from your system, please reach out to our support team at: https://www.webroot.com/us/en/support/home-contact - If you do in fact have malware, they should be able to help you spot it.