WEBROOT Selling Same Keycodes To Multiple Users??

  • 17 January 2014
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I purchased a two year license via today. I recieved the keycodes and entered it. But it was showing my license was only good through December 13th 2014 (Less than 11 months). I called Amazon and they said Webroot provides the keycodes. So I called Webroot.
The Webroot advisor said I purchased a one year license LAST MONTH. I told him I purchased a two year license this morning. He practically called me a liar and insisted I purchased it last month. He said Webroot would not support the product because I didn't purchase it directly from Webroot.
I accessed my web console and saw someone else's computer  listed with my own computers (I purchased a 5 device license). So now I have aceess to shutdown and lock their PC. I'm thinking "WTF? Can they do the same to my computers?"
This is a horrible violation of security by Webroot. I paid $99 for security software that Webroot won't support and that has made my computers even more vunerable to threats.
What can I do to get a keycode that hasn't already been issued to another person?
This is what I purchased that Webroot refuses to support:

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12 replies

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Hello redwonder and welcome to the Webroot Community.
Let me say up front, I am not a Webroot employee, I am just a volunteer here who uses the software and enjoys helping others with it.  I can, however, tell you that I do not recall such a thing as you describe ever happening before, so I have no explanation for it.  I can assure you that Webroot will look into the situation and contact you.  
I've been trying to get Webroot to look into it. They practically called me a liar when I told them I purchased the keycode this morning.
My web console shows a computer that ISNT mine. If I have it in my console, then they must have my computers in their console. I am sick to my stomach thinking how Webroot compromised my computer security and they refuse to even acknowledge it,
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I have notified the Moderators here on the Community so that whey they log in, they will see your issue.  You may want to Submit a Trouble Ticket as well.  Please have patience with regards to the response you had on the phone earlier: your situation is pretty much unheard of.  That person on the phone was probably not in the Support or other technical departments.
Your own computer should actually be safe.  I have tested the security of the Console very thouroughly with a friend of mine.  I allow him to use one seat on my license, and I give him full Admin access to my Console. (Obviously NOT reccomended) He is not able to access any data on my computer, my data backups or my passwords and I cannot access his.
I do reccomend that you uninstall the software from your computer until you hear from Support or from a Mod here on the Community. 
In the web console, you can shutdown, lock, scan, and a few other things to the computers listed. If I had the commands available to interact with this other person's computer, I'm sure they have the same access to mine. Even if they can't directly access the files, they could still lock my computers down.
I am in shock that Webroot would sell the same keycode to multiple users, especially when that keycode allows user to control all the computers using it!
I've been a Webroot user for several years now and this one incident has made me lose all confidence in their products. Tomorrow I will be purchasing a different security suite.
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Hello redwonder as David said give it sometime and I'm sure they will get this sorted for you as support is second to none IMO when the Webroot staff come online in a few hours they will take care of you be sure of that!
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Hi redwonder - I am looking into this now and apologize for the frustrating experience up to this point. We will contact Amazon and get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, I'd like to set you up on a separate subscription and make sure that you are protected.
Please Send me a Private Message with the name and email address you would like the new keycode registered to. 
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Thank you Mike! 🙂
Yes, thank you Mike. And thank you, Dave. I felt better after you replied even though I was extremely frustrated about the whole situation. If Webroot makes this right, I will be very happy.
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Any time! I enjoy helping out here any time I can, and it is just a good place to learn more about the software!
Thank you, Mike! I was able to setup my computers again. I updated my web console with the new keycode and everything looks good. I hope you were able to find out what happened with my Amazon order.
I just have one more question - I still have the old keycode listed in my web console. Is there any way I can delete it?

I purchased a 1 yr “renewal” for WEBROOT Secure Anywhere Virus Protection Software for my Windows 10 Dell Laptop computer on April 9, 2020.  Please refer to Invoice # ECM0054255493.  About a month later, I attempted to use my “unique” key code to install WEBROOT on my MacBook Pro computer.  I downloaded the software and followed the instructions for installation.  Due to the Full Access issue (addressed in another Reply), I’ve been unable to do a successful scan on the Mac.  However, I checked my personal security report (on my Dell Computer) and the report header shows that 17 devices are being protected on my key code.  How can that be?  Is WEBROOT assigning the same key code to multiple users?  Can the other key code users disable my computers?  Please look into this issue and correct the situation immediately.  My key code should only be used for my Dell Laptop and my Mac Laptop.  If this can not be accomplished, please refund my money and cancel my subscription.  Contact me ASAP about this issue.  Jeff Philbin, ~snip Removed Email, Please do not post your email in public snip~

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Please Submit a Support Ticket and ask them what is going on the backend of things.


Note: When submitting a Support Ticket, Please wait for a response from Support. Putting in another Support Ticket on this problem before Support responses will put your first Support Ticket at the end of the queue and support can take up to 48 hours to reply.