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  • 30 April 2021
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Hi… Webroot client for a few years but new to the forum.  Likely a stupid question, but here goes -- What kind of account do I have, and how do I access the details?  I can’t remember if I bought coverage for our mobile devices (2 iPhones and an iPad) or if only our PC is protected.  When I log onto my Webroot console, the page headings are on a BLACK background (unlike the graphics I’ve seen of sample console pages), and there is no menu heading for “Mobile Devices.”

          Also, do I have Webroot VPN access even if I have coverage only for my PC?  I have successfully downloaded and opened the Webroot app for my iPhone (since I indeed had a key code for entry on the login page).  But I can’t tell if this is included in a PC-only account or if it means I actually purchased coverage for our mobile devices.  So far, everything I’ve found regarding my account is clear as mud.

          Finally, can anyone offer a critical evaluation of Webroot’s VPN?  I’ve subscribed to the highly rated Nord VPN for a few years, but I will cancel my account PROVIDED I can get the same quality protection from Webroot.  This is for both domestic and international travel.


Many thanks… Cheers!


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@jimlewis1126 ,

If you have any questions about your account/account status, please reach out to our sales team: Call us at: 1-866-612-4227 M-F 7am−6pm MT. Or send us an email: