Adding a New Keycode to My Account.

  • 19 September 2012
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The Essentials license that I am using now is getting close to its expiration (31 days left). I have a New 1 year Essentials Keycode that I wanted to add to this license. I put in a ticket to CS and this is the reply:
Thank you for contacting Webroot.
We have looked into the accounts your asking to combine days. At this time we are unable to do this. You have two different products from Webroot if your still having questions and to better assist you with your inquiry, we recommend that you contact our Sales Team.
I then tried to add this New Keycode to my account and it failed:
I also tried to add a new console to my account with the New Keycode and that failed:
If I can't combine the days of both Keycodes how can I Add a new console on my account with the new Keycode?
Old & New Keycodes are Essentials.

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2 replies

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Hi ProTruckDriver,
After following up on this, I see that the support case has been updated to now grant your request.  One of the keycodes was for an international version, and one wasn't.  From what you see on your end, those two pieces of software are exactly the same thing.  For us, that's not precisely the case, and the sales department is better equiped to handle that kind of request.  I think that's why you were directed to them to begin with.  Nevertheless, it looks like we got this taken care of for you after all.  Sorry for the delay!  🙂
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Thank you Jim for following up on this. Just updated WSA, new Keycode days have been added. 😃