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  • 29 December 2017
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I have used Webroot's re-branded Last Pass password manager for years.  Since all my passwords are stored online now, I added two-factor authentication via the console.  Things were good, until I had to perform a factory reset on my phone, the device used to obtain the authentication code.
Now, I am unable to log into the password manager because the link to remove authentication is broken.  When I click on it, a Webroot page (https://my.webroot.com/?action=resendValidation&username=************%40gmail.com&lang=en-US)appears telling me that an email to verify my request was sent to my email address.  When I click the link that says "Verify Request", I am greeted with another Webroot page that says the link has expired (https://my.webroot.com/?linkCode=4d57505551544d4f5349828a8d9196&md5=b4928ec76e91261b97ccbb70c39f9109&action=verifyAccount).
I submitted a trouble ticket on 24DEC and was told that someone from support would contact me via telephone.  On 27DEC I called support and spent 97 on the phone for them to tell me that it needed to be "escalated".  Two days later, the "escalation team" tells me via a message on the trouble ticket portal that they can't fix it without resetting my account and losing all my passwords.  At no point did a representative from Webroot reach out to me via phone, despite two messages explicitily stating that they would.  Poor customer service there.
If there is no way to disable two-factor authentication in case of a lost / stolen device, customers should be warned of that fact up front.  We trust Webroot to secure our passwords in just this sort of instance, yet the process that Webroot uses to recover access is completely broken. 
Edit to add:  I'm not the first person to deal with this EXACT issue either.  Another Instance  It was marked "solved" by a Webroot Moderator, with no explanation of how.   I wonder if that customer lost all their passwords too? 

2 replies

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WoW that's an old webpage 2013 with the scroll bar at the top that I remember well. @  
Old and still problematic.