Disabling Webroot During New Programs Installs

  • 5 February 2012
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When I install new trusted software OR update existing software, is there a way that I can pause WebRoot to make sure it doesn't interfere with the installation/upgrade process? I don't think shutting it down is a good solution. The software should have a "allow trusted software to install/update" button to insure that the software is installed/updated correctly.
Please advise.... Thanks!

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No you don't need to as I never do or even during Windows Updates on every second tuesday of every month!
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I have never disabled Wenroot for any installs either. I have not run across any issues with downloaded, or software from a disc. I can't think of any reason why I would ever disable my Webroot for anything.
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Hi there
Personally I think that if at all possible an option to either pause protection (for a selectable duration, ie, 5, 10 or 15 minutes that when expired results in automatic reenablement of WRSA) when installing new software would be an excellent option to be added.  I have experienced some issues (mnior iindeed but nevertheless issues) during installations., and in fact I suggested this feature during both alpha & beta test periods.  But it was not taken up.
Given the design consideration to keep the executable as lean & mean as possible I suspect that it may have been seen as of fringe benefit, etc.
Personally, I still think it would be useful.
Balders ;)
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HI DittoDan,
WSA shouldn't be interfering with any of your installations "if" they are Good files. When a new file is introduced into the system, WSA will takes its signature and try to make a determination in the cloud, checking if we have seen that software before. Malicious is obviously stopped, Good is permitted, and if it is Undetermined, we will run the installation in a sandbox, looking for malicious activity. If all is well, the program is allowed to install.
If you are experiencing any installation issues at all, I would encourage you to open a support ticket, using Help and Support inside of WSA, the log files are automatically loaded with your ticket and support should be able to assist in troubleshooting should there be a valid issue.