hello webroot friends

  • 2 November 2018
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hello webroot friends

My question, I would like to switch from mcafee to webroot, but I have seen a test at SE-Labs from juli - september 2018.

but there I see the webroot is very bad.

Now I'm afraid to entrust my pc webroot.

all get 3 x A or 2x A ; and webroot is rated very bad with "B" !!!!

can one trust webroot ????

thanks if someone helps me.

Otilia Vice

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4 replies

why are there ever so bad results of webroot to see and webroot is recommended by PC Mac or at gartner.
but in the tests from the outside webroot looks so very bad, so you can not install any antivirus program.
So if you can help me, I'm glad because webroot is a very slim av program and certainly good for a notebook.
but can someone show me once a positive test ????
all av programs are tested, even VIPRE, but webroot I see nothing !!!!
Thank you
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Well things have been said many times so here are a few of them:
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And about SE-Labs:
Thanks for the answers
but sorry, webroot works with cloud virus protection, the panda and trend micro and kaspersk do <y and mcafee etc too and these are all being tested and you can form yourself as an informant.
but at webroot i just have to rely on "webroot-people".
and that's not good enough for such an important topic as "antivirus".
will stay with McAfee.
Thank you
P.S no MC i have Windows !!!!!