How do I know when I need to renew my subscription?

  • 26 March 2020
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How do I know when to renew my subscription? I want to know if there is a way to check on my account so that I know if the renewal request I am recieving on my computer is a virus or if its the app asking. I hope this makes sense. I basically want to check my subscription status to verify whether or not I actually need to renew or not.

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Hey there @alycat488 ,

Welcome to the Webroot Community!

The quickest way to check your subscription is by opening the Webroot console (the icon is in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop if on PC)

If you’re on mac you can simply hit CMD + Spacebar and then type “webroot” and hit enter. This will open the console.


Once on the console, look at the right hand side and click on “My account” - You should see the # of days left on your subscription in this field.


Let me know if that works for you!