I get "Malicious software threat:" when I open e-mails I never had a problem with in the past.

  • 20 December 2014
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"Malicious software threat message happens with a few of my e-mails that I never had a problem opening in the past. If I click on the button "Unblock page and continue" I get a blank page. I've tried turning off all security functions in Webroot, but I still get the message.

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Hi rtswans1
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What you are are seeing is most likely a false positive in terms of those sites or links that you believe are good.  Clicking on 'Unblock page and continue' should whitelist the url concerned so that when you next try to access the page/link WSA ignores it.  This action should also be sending information to the Webroot Threat Researchers to advise them of this and so prompt a review of the site(s)/link(s) in question.
So given the above have you tried closing the page and then retrying the link from the source...that should allow you through to the site/url concerned.  If not then please Open a Support Ticket so that the Support Team can investigate this unusal occurrence.
In addition you can also submit a URL Reputation Change Request by logging on BrightCloud and feeding back your views as to the reputation of the site in question, which again should prompt the Threat Researchers to review the current WRI (Web Reputation Index) assigned and if approrpiate alter it, etc.
Well, I hope that the above is of assistance ?  Eitherway, please let us know how you fare re. this issue and we look forward to seeing you back here in the future.
Regards, Baldrick