I have a problem with dllhost.exe running amok on my computer. I run the scans and it still appears

  • 30 October 2014
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How do I fix this issue?

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Hello phbarton, welcome to the Webroot Community!
A little more information would be helpful: what do you mean by 'running amok"?
How much memory and CPU is the process using?
How many copies of the process are running?
I have the same issue.  My CPU is pegged at 90+%.  I manually sclosed them to get system response,  A scan produces no threat.  This morning shortly after start up, I recieved a threat warning for PUA.gen.
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Hello kenh!  Welcome to the Community and the discussion.
In YOUR case, as you know that is WAY too high a CPU usage.  Most likely the same resolution will apply to both of you.
A PUA is not actually malware, it does not hurt the computer.  A PUA can be a browser toolbar, adware, annoyware, etc etc.
That is the good news: you don't have a virus.  The bad news is the PUA is bringing your computer to a crawl and we need to get it out.
Some quick info:
What you are seeing and describing sounds like it may be what we on the Community refer to as a PUA. (Potentially Unwanted Application)These are very annoying at best in that they cause pop-us, redirect your browser home page, and other behavior that may slow down the computer and direct ads your way, but they are not actually doing anything bad like damaging files or stealing information. Often they are installed intentionally by you the user as browser add-ons for various tasks such as quick search tools.. but they also come with the result of added annoying pop-ups and ads. Other times they 'piggy back' with other software that you installed, or try to 'sneak' onto your system entirely.
WSA does detect and remove many PUA's, and more are being added, but WSA does not detect all of them. A simple browser add-on with PUA behavior that is easy to identify and easy to remove is not likely to be detected and removed by WSA. Those that are intentionally difficult to locate and remove are. Please see THIS LINK for more information regarding Webroot's stance on these annoying programs.
The best thing to do is to submit a Trouble Ticket and ask Webroot Support to take a look and remove these for you.  There is NO CHARGE for this for valid WSA license holder.
Also, we have had a lot of discussion regarding these recently, and I have posted an Idea for Webroot to consider asking them to increase PUA detection.  The more  users that need help removing a particular PUA the more likely and faster that PUA will be added to detection.
I hope this helps!
Thanks.  I will attempt a ticket.
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@ wrote:
Thanks.  I will attempt a ticket.
Let us know what they say, and what they find 🙂