Lenovo g580 problems

  • 3 November 2012
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So i just got this laptop unistalled Crapaffey that was pre loaded and installed Webroot. My problem is it is seeing some the drivers as viruses and wants to remove them. 
If I let it remove the files my laptop wont boot up into windows 8 which is pre loaded....
Is there a way I can tell Webroot to ignore these files I just want a good AV and have no issues on my desktop with windows 8.

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3 replies

nvm i found out how i can allow them hope that isnt an issue for security?
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Hello solduios and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.  ;)
Can you please Submit a Support Ticket so they can have a look at your scan logs it could be a simple issue as Whitelisting the files that are being detected and to make sure it's not Malware.
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Welcome to the forum solduios!
If there is ever a question of infection or program that needs to be whitelisted/blacklisted, Opening a Support Ticket is the way to go. Thanks TH!