My own websiteis reported as unsafe

  • 27 August 2015
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my own website, actually one page, is reported unsafe:


what is the real cause, how can this be prevented. It is no good if customers wanting to pay my bill get thios message


Oskar Atkinson

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3 replies

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Hello, welcome to the Community
I have checked the link you posted on IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome, and the page loads without being blocked on ALL browsers.
Checking on the Brightcloud system I do see that it is marked as Suspicious, even though it is not actually blocked by WSA at this time, at least on my computer.  The current score is 40, which normally is at the threshold of being blocked, but it is being allowed on my computer with WSA Web Filters enabled.
You can submit a request to have the site classification reviewed and change HERE.
I hope this helps!

I have the same problem with my website which is wrongly reported by Webroot’s Brightcloud as suspicious (it is my new translation agency as I am a translator) and Brightcloud did not respond to repeated requests to change it.

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Hello @paperdetective 


Please fill out this Change Request Form: that’s the only way it’s going to get changed. Also note that’s it’s not Blocked (Red) but (Orange) not well known.