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  • 7 October 2013
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In the old interface there used to be under "settings > Web > View" a list of websites the allowed access even if Webroot SecureAnywhere would normally block access.  From there that list could be maintained.  I can no longer find that list or its equivalent in the new interface.  Where has that list gone and how is it maintained using the new interface?

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9 replies

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With this version of WSA, web filtering is also getting a face-lift. The 2014 web filtering is being rolled out more slowly than the rest of the product, but when that release makes it way across the userbase, expect to see some significant changes.
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Hello rcw4321 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.

The changes are coming out slowly but it's all in the back end and when you do get it you will have to look at the Hidden location C:ProgramDataWRData Folder and there will be a new folder wrUrl with a Whitelist.text file that you will be able to keep an eye on as you add websites that you blocked and if you want to go back to the website you just remove the Website from the text list. Also there will be more added files to the PKG folder as it will install add-ons to the browsers IE, FF and Chrome.

Here are few pictures as I have it on one of my VM's but it's not active at this time.







Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately my Windows/XP system does not have either of those directories (folders), or a whitelist file anywhere; that includes looking for hidden files on all drives.
Unfortunately for WebRoot I broke one of my own rules...don't ever allow automatic updates.  With automatic updates, too frequently things go wrong, or functionality changes without warning.  I regret having broken that rule.  At least I can still correct that mistake.
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Hello rcw4321
The WRDATA folder in Windows XP can be found here - %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application Data

However, you may not have a whitelist file, or a wrUrl folder yet as you will likely not have been migrated to the new Web Threat Shield functionality.

We are migrating this portion of our software more slowly than the rest of the update for exactly the reasons you have outlined.

I do agree though that we have left you in a bit of a limbo without the ability to manage your blocked or allowed websites.

Whilst we ask for your patience during this transition, it might be worth contributing this idea to the https:///t5/Ideas-Exchange/idb-p/Ideas so that we can prioritise this feature for you, and maybe see what ideas people have for it and how everyone wants it to behave when it's finished.

Thank you
So in a nutshell, my antivirus updated and there's no way to undo an oh **** moment.
Very disappointing indeed. I was just gaining confidence in this software.
Don't you think that rolling out such a product "more slowly" is unprofessional and degrades your brand? It seemed to be about the best out there. Not good.
AS an aside. i'd respectfully suggest that the list should be accesible from the GUI, not expect customers to dig into folders and edit files.
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Hi SteveA
Sorry it has taken me a while to reply.
To undo a serious website whitelist mistake currently the method is to uninstall and reinstall SecureAnywhere, fortunately with Webroot this only takes about 3 minutes. Our developers are working very hard on the backend of the new WebThreat Sield, unfortunately this has to be completed before any GUI can be implemented.
It looks like it will be worth the wait however, a recent review which included the new Web Threat Shield had this to say
"Webroot blocks browser access to dangerous websites, including fraudulent (phishing) sites and sites hosting malware. When I tried to re-download my current malware collection, it blocked every single URL that was still viable. In my antiphishing test, it became one of just three programs to demonstrate a better detection rate than Norton"
I do understand your frustration however about the lack of GUI control, perhaps put your suggestion on the 'ideas exchange' section of the community? Before the GUI gets implemented we may be able to see how you and the rest of the community want it to look.
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@  For those who are more advanced users and feel comfortable manually editing the Whitelist file (Assuming they can safely locate and edit it), is it possible to correct such things that way without the re-install?
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I was under the impression that the whitelist File was locked from Editting. I'd love to be wrong though! Because it opened the possibilities to copy and paste multiple websites intro or out of the list.
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@ wrote:
I was under the impression that the whitelist File was locked from Editting. I'd love to be wrong though! Because it opened the possibilities to copy and paste multiple websites intro or out of the list.
Yeah... after posting the reply I tried it.. it is locked down pretty well.  PM on the way to you though.