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  • 15 September 2017
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Got a popup message saying a program was trying to change my DNS server address. Was given the option to allow or block. Naturally I choose to block.  Scanned with WSA,  nothing malicious found.  Also tried several second opinion scanners.  Nothing from Malwarebytes or Superantispyware either.  Downloaded Zemana to give it a try and it detects a DNS hijacker.  Any thoughts on how this could be missed by all but Zemana or is this possibly a false positive.  I have had no noticeable computer problems or browser redirects. Will continue to watch for anything strange this weekend...things that make you go hummm

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2 replies

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Nevermind...mystery solved.  It turned out that Heimdal Security's traffic filtering software changes the DNS address.  The scanners all ignored the change as they shoud with exception of Zemana which must have white-listed it.  I should have done a little more research before jumping the gun and hitting the panic button.  Guess I'll just go mow the lawn and take a nap.
As always thanks
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No worries at all, @! We really appreciate you letting us know :catvery-happy: