Reboot after Update necessary?

  • 12 March 2012
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When new updated versions of WSA are downloaded either by force or automatically is a reboot necessary for the update to take effect?

Best answer by Kit 12 March 2012, 04:45

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5 replies

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Mine updated without a reboot, but I do shut mine down everynight.
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Officially, "No", but...
Reboot clears and reloads the kernel driver and user mode library, which normally cannot be hot-swapped.  In some cases, this can correct issues when the bug fix is in one of those two components.
Unless you are experiencing technical difficulties, a reboot is not necessary after an update.
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Thank you Kit for the answer. 😃
Sometimes it is necessary but sometimes you can do this later on.
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Yeah, I second Kit ... it's better to reboot. In my case, having Vista Business, I noticed that some old WSA drivers have been persisting in windows/system32/drivers folder until reboot.