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  • 1 March 2012
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Is there any way of knowing the release notes/change log for every WISE/Webroot product update?
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At this time there is no way for our customers to know the exact product update release dates, but the way the new program is designed you will get that update automatically without you ever having to do anything on your part. With this new software we have the ability to make changes any time we need to, so if something needs to be fixed right away we have the ability to do that.
If you press "check for updates" from within the Webroot SecureAnywhere software and it says that you are already up to date then that means you already have the latest version.
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Thank you for your quick response, but I think my question was not properly formulated :-)
What I meant was If there is a way to know the specific changes made to the latest version of Webroot. For instance, today WISE has been updated to version, so I would like to know the changes made from version ( the previous one), like new features, bug fixes,...
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I'll admit that normally, no, there are no release notes.  Generally, the hundreds of lines of release changes cover tiny items and corner cases, like a flicker in a menu on slower machines.  They are also referenced by internal bug-tracking numbers.  Others are back-end changes that the user will never see directly.  Filtering that down to a shorter list that people would actually care about is not a trivial endeavor. As a general rule, "Cut and polish.  Make sure it detects better.  Make sure it cleanes up better.  Make sure it works better for more people." is the summary of the changes.
That being said, you're in luck for this release, as a publicly-available set of release notes was distributed by our dev team:
- Launched the SME product (and there have been many agent-side changes to fully support its functionality)
- Major cleanup improvements when the PC is pre-infected
- Improved cleanup of heavily hidden malware
- Reduced the overhead of the antikeylogger engine
- Added support for many different installation methods outside of the normal process
- Improved proxy support when the proxy is unavailable
- Added support for a new style of a trial version which doesn't require an email address to register
- Improved Japanese support
As long as you understand that the internal change notes span hundreds of very detailed items, including many dozens of "Improved cleanup when..." lines, you're fine. :)  But we won't get release notes every time.
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My main concern is not just knowing what was fixed in the release, but what impact it may have on the workstations.  The release two back caused a great deal of overhead on the workstations and basically caused the workstations to freeze.  A new release was created to resolve that problem.  I just don't what to go through another 1200 workstations freezing again.
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@ wrote:
My main concern is not just knowing what was fixed in the release, but what impact it may have on the workstations.
I think it's almost impossible to foresee a future impact on the workstation. I can't imagine how Webroot would be capable to do that. OK resolving of the known bugs having bad influence on the workstations is the different story. Anyway let's see what Webroot folks do think. I may be wrong and in such a case I would welcome some education in this area.