Should I be concerned because my chrome://management says that my browser is managed?

  • 3 June 2019
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The following message is displayed when I access chrome://management:

"This browser is managed by a company, school or other organization. Your administrator can change your browser setup remotely. Activity on this device may also be managed outside of chrome."

Chrome is installed on my home computer whose administrator I am . What could I do to remove this management? I saw a lot of complaints of this type on the WEB, but no solution was provided. I have installed Weebroot Internet security plus on my system and it didn't alert me that something suspicious happens in my browser.

Any suggestion to identify who manages my browser or how to remove this management is welcome.

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6 replies

Starting in Chrome 73, when one or more policies are set in Chrome Browser, some users will see a new item on the More menu that indicates that Chrome is being managed. If a user clicks Managed by your organization, they are directed to details about Chrome Browser management.
If Chrome is saying it is "Managed by your organization", you should go to the chrome://policy page to see what policies are configured on your computer.
At this page, Chrome will display all configured policies, which when clicked on, go to a support page that explains what that policy does.
If you are using Google Chrome web browser and suddenly Chrome started showing "Your browser is managed by your organization" message to you, this tutorial will help you in fixing the issue and getting rid of this error message.
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I had the same question as @empet . Thank you for providing this Problem Solution 1:

Great question empet!😊

I was searching high and low and I did find the above but did not get to that Solution fast
I was searching high and low and I did find the above but did not get to that Solution fast

I've had PROBLEM SOLUTION 1: in place since Chrome 73.
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Well @bjm_ I have been behind the times since I rarely use Google Chrome and if it wasn't for @empet post I still wouldn't know about my browser is being managed by your organization. LOL I was trying to answer this post and started looking online when I noticed and was relieved that you answered this with a Solution! 😊
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My Firefox was managed by ‘Your Organization’. Had a tech look at & it took him a couple of days to get rid of it. His final solution was to Scan with Webroot which he likes a lot & he’s the reason I use Webroot!

Webroot doesn’t actually get rid of  ‘Your Organization’, but puts it in purgatory where it can’t function. I’m not computer savvy enough to explain it in computerese, but here’s where it goes: about:policies

‘Your Organization’ will still tell you it is managing Firefox in my case & Chrome in yours. The good thing is it has no effect on the computer!