Using another clean up Utility while Webroot is installed

  • 25 June 2018
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Hi, I am new here.  I wonder how many of you use Glary Utilities?  I had it on my old laptop, and it was great!  Now that I got this new laptop, I got the Webroot Internet Security Plus on here. However, I miss a lot of the features of Glary and I was just wondering if it is safe to run Glary while I have this one installed from Webroot?

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Hi @, and welcome to the Webroot Forum.
I don't personally know Glary Utilities, but I (and many others here) use CCleaner from time to time, and I also sometimes use the built-in Windows Cleanup Manager (C:WindowsSystem32cleanmgr.exe). There is no conflict between these utility apps and Webroot that I (or, I think, we) know of, so if you trust this programme I would say go ahead and use it with your new laptop.
Hope that helps.
Btw if anyone has anything to add to the above, or any corrections to what I have said, please feel free to chip in 😉
Thanks for the reply, I just wasn't sure if they would conflict.  I don't really want to use too many utilities anyhow, I just really like using Glary and this is a brand new laptop. Thanks for the input.
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I periodically run Glarys Utilities on my systems and to date I have had no issue either with the app itself or any conflict or issue related to WRSA as a result of using it.
It is a pretty good app of its type...but I should point out that it does a lot more than either CCleaner or the built in cleaner of if you are looking for something to only clean the usual 'garbage' out, i.e., temp files, cached internet pages, etc., make sure that either you parametrise Glarys carefully, i.e., uncheck anything that you do not want to have done or use a specific 'garbage' cleaning app...of which CCleaner, mentioned by @, is one of the best (and safest).
Hope that helps further
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks Baldrick, i know what you mean about being careful with Glary. It can get a little in depth for the average pc user. One of the features I like about it is the boot up time that it shows on the screen. I've seen some applications that you can download to do that, but I figured if I had glary on there again that already has it built into the app. I've also noticed that with the Webroot optimizer, it also gives you options to check or uncheck items that you want cleaned or deleted. So I just left that alone as well figured just doing the cache and the basic cleaning was fine, as I'm no PC Pro! Anyhow have a good day and thank you for answering my question.
I also use Webroot System Optimizer from time to time. I consider this too to be a reliable and good cleaner. The only reason I didn't mention this is because you posted under Internet Security Plus, and I was under the impression (maybe wrongly so?) that System Optimizer only comes with the Complete and Gamers versions of Webroot.
Not sure which version has what, but when i bought my pc from Best Buy it was free for 6 months. And this version has optimizer.