Web root is going crazy and opening multiple scan for malware message but is not scanning

Web root is going crazy and opening multiple scan for malware message but is not scanning

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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Sorry you are experiencing this issue.
May I ask you if you are running a Windows or Mac computer?
Awaiting your reply. Thanks
Windows 8 on a laptop
I am using an iPad as my laptop where I experienced the issue is difficult due to WR window opening over and over
Any suggestions.
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Hello Karen,
So this is happening on your Windows 8 laptop right? And you are getting malware messages from Webroot? If I am correct on all this information then please try to follow this below. If you cannot folow these instructions then I would issue a Support Ticket free of charge and they will look into this for you.
Can you run a deep scan in Safe Mode with Networking the instructions on how to do so are shown below. 
1. Start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. For instructions on starting in Safe Mode with Networking
2. Open Webroot SecureAnywhere from the tray, start menu or desktop icon.
3. Click on the cog icon next to 'PC Security'. http://www.webroot.com/En_US/SecureAnywhere/PC/WSA_PC_Help.htm#C2_Scanning/CH2e_Defining_Custom_Scan...
4. Open the 'Scan & Shields' tab.
5. Click the 'Custom Scan' button.
6. The default scan option is 'Deep'. Click Scan.

This will start a Deep Scan of your system. Please allow this scan to complete and remove any threats found. Once the scan is complete, you may restart your system normally. And please let us know if your issue persist as you may need to Submit a Support Ticket for further Expert help free of charge with your Active Subscription.
Kind Regards,
Are you able to help
I did the restart with networking and my choice
Continue exit and go to windows 8.1
Use a device sub or dvd
Troubleshoot refresh or reset or use advance tool
Or turn off PC
Which option do I choose. I did not see that in your instructions
sorry I just re read the link and found the next choice so have just done that opening on safe with network.
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Hi Karen,
Great take your time and we will be here if you need us.
When I entered safe mode the window for web root malware scanning started running. When it finished 0 threats.
I followed your instructions for the deep scan. It also found no threats. Last infected scan never. Active threats 0

What should I do next.
Re read your instructions to restart normally. I will try now
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Hi Karen,
Good job and that is good news. Is Webroot still giving you problems then if so I would like you to uninstall/reinstall Webroot Ok? It'll only take 5 minutes.
Can you please do a clean reinstall of WSA and Please follow the steps closely!
  • Make sure you have a copy of your 20 Character Alphanumeric Keycode! Example: SA69-AAAA-A783-DE78-XXXX
  • KEEP the computer online for Uninstall and Reinstall to make sure it works correctly
  • Download a Copy Here (Best Buy Subscription PC users click HERE)
  • Uninstall WSA and Reboot
  • Install with the new installer, enter your Keycode and don't import any settings if asked to as you can set it up as you like once it's done
  • Let it finish it's install scan
  • Reboot once again
Please let us know if that resolves your issue?
All seems fine now. I had another virus alert but will put it in a separate message. All seems well now. We root not opening over and over. Not sure what fixed it exactly.
sorry I missed your instructions about reloading. I will hold off for now as it seems to behave now. Thanks for the help.
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Hi Karen,
That's great Webroot is working back to normal. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix these things. ;)