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  • 1 April 2012
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Just have a quick question.  After using Symantec for many years I decided to try out Webroot after reading the cnet review and seeing the test results.  I purchased the WSE for all the PC's and mobie devices in my house.  The features seem really great and it has a lot of user configurable options.
A few weeks in, I submitted a support ticket asking a question about a virus that got past the webroot onto my pc.  I clearly stated in my ticket that I was using WSE 2012 and not one of the older products.  What I got back was a template response that basically said if you do not have WSE 2012 installed please download and install that version and then gave instructions on downloading and installing.
I am not trying to be funny or anything, but it just strikes me as strange that they would respond to an important support ticket about a curent problem with a template and not even read what I was asking.  So that I would know for future reference, can anyone enlighten me on whether or not that is normal policy for Webroot?  Thanks...

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I would write back into Support with the same heading you used previously and point out you already have WSE 2012 installed. I'd also suggest to make sure the category selected is 'Threat - Virus/Spyware Infection'; this should ensure it reaches the malware research team.
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Hey Jaycee,
Welcome to the Community first off! :D
Second, I believe the automated response you received is triggered when a customer opens a support ticket for our Legacy products. Webroot Security Essentials (WSE) is a previous version of our software and it will create an automated message asking you to upgrade to Webroot SecureAnywhere when opening a ticket.
Here is the correct link to open a support ticket where we can address the virus as Tony suggested.
Here is a link to the SecureAnywhere  where you can upgrade from Security Essentials to SecureAnywhere Essentials. If you are positive you are on the latest version of the software you can open a support ticket so that we may collect logs and research why this may have happened.
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Hello JayCee007, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
Thank you guys for the answers, that helps a lot.
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Good to hear! And welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! :D