The Reminder Option is not working correctly!

  • 8 June 2021
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Dear Webroot Community Team,

I hope this topic finds you well.

1. I created two simulation campaigns for customers and chosen the following Reminders options:

        * Selected 1 day to randomize the delivery of phishing emails.

        * Selected time frame in which phishing emails will be randomly delivered.

2. Another training campaign has been created for a customer with the Reminders option selected to apply to those users who had not passed or completed the required training module.

All these campaign was launched after the success test. However, the reminder option of these campaigns worked correctly one day only. 

This means either Phishing Email or Invitation Email were delivered only one time. Then, these campaigns stopped delivering them all instead of continuing the delivery as planed.

For the attached screenshots of details, please see the ticket #398411 was raised for a while.

Could you please help me to clarify this issue soon and let me know what steps I should take to solve it?

I would very much appreciate your support.

Best wishes


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5 replies

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Hello Hai,


Thanks for contacting us. We researched the two campaigns you list above.


For the first campaign, we see 24 targets were configured and we see 24 deliveries. Also you configured the campaign for 1 day, so there would not be deliveries beyond the single day. Forgive me if I’m missing something but I don’t see the problem with this campaign.


For the second campaign, we are seeing a discrepancy between the target list and the enrolled list which is used to generate the invite emails. We think it’s possible that since this campaign was created in the past and just launched recently, you may have deleted some users since then and this is the reason for the discrepancy. Other than this issue, we see the campaign operating normally.

Therefore, can you clarify if the error you are reporting is invites not sent, or reminders not sent, or both? For users that you feel did not receive what they were supposed to, please send me their email address via private message so I can diagnose further.





Hello Support Team,

Thank you for your response.

These campaign was created in the past as the same time with the plan was scheduled for the customer, so there was the difference between the Creation day and the Launch day. Could you please check back?

        The first campaign was launched for 7 days NOT 1 day (Creation day: Wednesday 02/06/21 while Expiration: Tuesday 08/06/21), this one was created in current time to test the reminder delivery option.

        The second campaign was launched for 14 days. Its enrolled list and the target list have been rechecked and showed 24 users here are exactly the same. As your are seeing a discrepancy between them, please help me to clarify what difference is?

Both campaigns have the same error is that the reminders were not sent although the invites were sent successfully on the launching day. The invites were delivered ONE day only.

As required, the target list, the enrolled list and the email addresses have been provided in the ticket #398411 for diagnosis. Exporting the Delivery (CSV) file will show more current details, please.

Your consideration of this master would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hello - thanks for providing that clarification. We are in touch with the support team and they are setting up a call with you to review the details hands-on. Feel free to follow up here after that if you still need help. Thanks.

Dear Webroot Community Team,

Here is the latest response from the support team: 

Please note that, while waiting your assistance, I currently have to send the reminder manually to ensure the schedule stays on track for our customer. This does not mean the issue has been solved because the reminders were not sent automatically.

Thank you for taking care of it.



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Hello - glad to hear the support team is actively looking at your issue. Feel free to let us know if you still require further assistance.