What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot: December 2023

  • 1 December 2023
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What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot: December 2023
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Carbonite Endpoint Backup version 11.0

 In this release, we are excited to announce:

  • Streamlined Device Replacement Process  
  • Backup Health Insights 
  • Restore History 
  • User Role Reporting 


Customer use cases 

Carbonite Endpoint version 11.0 introduces the Automatic Device Replacement feature which is aimed at simplifying the process to associate data from the user’s previous device to their new device. Furthermore, to ensure consistent and healthy backups, our new Backup Health Status feature offers a comprehensive overview of the health status of all devices. Additionally, Administrators can stay informed about data restoration activities with the new Restore Info Summary feature. This data-backed knowledge empowers Administrators with valuable insights into their data protection efforts. 


Lastly, version 11.0 introduces User Roles in the User Export functionality to show user permissions as a column in the report. This updated feature provides insight into each user's role within a company, facilitating efficient user management and control. 


Customer benefits 

  • Minimizes the user's involvement in device replacement, allowing them to quickly be productive after receiving their new device. 
  • Administrators can quickly identify and diagnose any backup issues, ensuring immediate remedial actions, thus bolstering data protection.  
  • Administrators can now have an at-a-glance view of all completed restore jobs, including the total number and size of files restored, from both the dashboard and clients. This helps demonstrate the value of CEB to the customer. 



Cloud-to-Cloud Backup offers comprehensive backup and recovery of SaaS applications and boasts central management, granular restore, rapid recovery and flexible retention options. Our purpose-built backup solution ensures IT administrators can recover as much or as little SaaS application data, as necessary. In this interactive demo,  you will be guided through our easy-to-use interface as you learn how to activate backups for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. This includes activating a backup, customizing your backup settings, running a test restore and more.




WSA Mac Consumer and Business Endpoint Agents version 9.5.11



Key items in this release:

  • macOS Sonoma support
  • Security hardening



For cybersecurity professionals, November marks International Fraud Awareness Week and Computer Security Day. This month’s WSAT release includes valuable content to help educate end users around these themes as well as other new content and updates. WSAT’s December release is a particularly valuable release for our customers as attackers become highly active leading up to the holidays. Our latest release makes available timely new courses, phishing simulation assets and of course pre-configured Autopilot campaigns to help our customers deliver effective security awareness training to their end users with minmal administrative overhead. See below for the details.

What has been been released?

* New courses from NINJIO in Polish, Spanish and English    

* New email and lure page templates for Phishing Simulation in English, Spanish, German and Dutch

* New infographics for the upcoming holiday shopping season


* 15 new French language courses in Security and Compliance topics from Skillsoft

* New email and page templates to simulate expected seasonal phishing attacks

* Autopilot training and phishing campaigns in the baseline track


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Thanks Tyler for the news for December! 😉

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Thanks Tyler for the Christmas News. 😀

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Christmas updates! Thanks 

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Some good updates for December, and its always nice to see the new stuff coming out before the start of a new year.

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