What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot: June 2024

  • 31 May 2024
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What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot: June 2024
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This version provides:

  • Support for the future EDR MVP process tree uploads feature
  • Fix for an incorrect warning message in the agent that was generating a high volume of service calls
  • Security hardening
  • Agent side fix for bug in the restore from quarantine console action for mac



Here are some of the key changes in this release:


  1. New Dark mode on all pages of the plugin, consistent with Automate server user preferences
  2. All plugin encryption classes updated to use advanced security for FIPS compatibility
  3. Enhanced DNS Protection Chart and Threat history Chart on the Overview page
  4. Bug fixes around column filters on the Computers page


With the release of Version 1.0.24115.1, we are bringing the following new features and enhancements:  

·         New DNSP reports – Allow querying for traffic summaries grouped by categories/users.

·         Consumer Purchase Journey – Extended relevant ECom.Shop APIs to address special cases for individual e-commerce partners.

·         Maintenance – Service Improvements & documentation refinement


What is being released?

* Autopilot training and phishing campaigns in the baseline track

* New thematic content templates in multiple languages for use in phishing simulations

* New Security courses from NINJIO in English and Portuguese

* New Compliance courses from Skillsoft

* Various bug fixes and maintenance items



The updated app v7.6.0 is available in the Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webroot.wms



New Features

  • What’s new – We have introduced a Profile page for all users as a result they can view information about their current plan, such as plan details, keycode associated with their account, app version, etc. Users can also manage their subscription including upgrade/renew and activate a new keycode easily.




What is being released?

There’s now a new option for Secure Cloud based customers when it comes to exporting large amounts of data from the archive. When customers create an export for Information Archiving, there is an additional option to connect to our servers and download via SFTP. The customer can connect using the SFTP client of their choice. This will allow customers to download files consecutively and securely without having to manually initiate downloads for potentially dozens (or more) files. Help documentation has also been added to the existing Exports page documentation.



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Another nice bit of info. Thanks for the updates!

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Great updates. Any word on general release of for GA for Business Endpoint? I know it’s still in testing and works great.

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