What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot March 2023

  • 24 February 2023
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What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot March 2023
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We’re very pleased to announce the release of the Webroot Mobile Security V7.0 Android App in the Playstore. You can download the updated application is available in the Playstore.



New Features

  • What’s new – The completely redesigned application has new user experiences and no longer looks like a browser.
  • We have revamped the UI by adding a new dashboard of options guiding navigation to various features in the app.
  • We have moved the login screen to the default device browser from our in-house secure browser. This would mitigate the “Oh Snap” error which some people are experiencing
  • We have added an option to enable password manager in the app.




The release contains new and updated functionality. These new features help us get closer to our goal of consolidating the Endpoint Protection Console as well as improving agent commands and efficacy. Here’s what’s new:


Site-Based Policies


  • Administrators will now be able to manage Site-Based Policies created within the Endpoint Console and create new ones directly from the Policies page within the Webroot Management Console.
  • Limited Admins now have access to Policies within the Webroot Management Console.


Site-Based Alerts


  • Administrators will now be able to manage Site-Based Alerts created within the Endpoint Console and create new ones directly from the Alerts page within the Webroot Management Console.
  • Limited Admins now have access to Alerts within the Webroot Management Console.


Agent Commands


  • Updated table to include new data points and statuses.
  • Ability to cancel and resend a command directly from the command log.


New Default Policies


  • 3 new default policies to replace the existing ones.
  • Designed to improve efficacy with several new options enabled.




This 27-item content release supports the theme of Safer Internet Day 2023. Significantly, it will be the 20th edition of the campaign. Learn more about Safer Internet Day and see below for details on new releases spanning Autopilot campaigns, courses and phishing assets.

What is being released?

  • Autopilot campaigns - March
    • Training - Website Spoofing - House of Fraud
    • Phishing - Autopilot Baseline: Turbotax Free Software
  • 11 new phishing templates adapted from real-world attacks on US brands across tech, banking, IT and Government
  • New courses
    • Vishing - It's Not Just About the Money (NINJIO)
    • Compliance topics for education sector - multiple courses (Skillsoft)




See how easy it is to back up and restore your Microsoft 365, Google, Salesforce, Box and Dropbox environments and keep your business-critical data safe. Watch the video and discover how Cloud-to-Cloud Backup can help you protect your SaaS application data and minimize data loss.






Learn how easy it is to take a proactive approach to compliance by using a modern archiving solution. Information Archiving is a unified information archiving and eDiscovery solution that can store an unlimited number of files and communications from over 50 different sources. And it simplifies the eDiscovery process by searching them all at the same time.







Carbonite® Recover receives industry recognition



Carbonite Recover is recognized as an industry leader by Frost & Sullivan in two areas:


  • 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for global Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Positioned in the upper right quadrant of the Frost RadarDisaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) report

In the Radar report, “Companies plotted on the Frost Radar™ are the leaders in the industry for growth, innovation, or both. They are instrumental in advancing the industry into the future.”

Carbonite Recover reduces the risk of unexpected downtime by securely replicating critical systems to the cloud, ensuring that an up-to-date copy is available when needed.


Learn how DRaaS can play a vital role in your data protection and security strategy. Download the Frost Radar™: Disaster Recovery as a Service, 2022 report.



17 replies

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Thanks Tyler for the news on a new update to the Webroot Mobile for Android!

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Thank you Tyler for the update post. 

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Thanks for the updates. I’ve posted them internally with our team


Have a great weekend.



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Thank you for the update Tyler.

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Cheers @TylerM 

great summary 

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Nice Update!



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Love seeing the constant stream of product updates!

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Off to check the new Webroot Management Console! What a great bunch of new releases and updates!

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looking forward to the new features of the endpoint protection console and i am willing to try the mobile app

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How many news!!!

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Thanks for the new updates !

Good signs of not being forgotten.

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Wow, a lot of good news.


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Thanks for the post. Time to check the new default policies and compare them to our customized set.

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@TylerM  thank you for the updates. Great stuff. 

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Thank you  Tyler! The mobile Android update sounds great. alot of nice updates! 

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I'm heading over to explore the new Webroot Management Console! It's an impressive suite of updates and releases.


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This update does not work for my android. I have it installed but it won’t let me log into my account. I’m taken to a page which says to click on Agree but its not a link. There is no button or link to click on to go forward. I looked at the eula but no link at the end of that either. I haven’t been able to get Webroot to work on my phone since 2019! I’m a paid up member until late 2024. Now support has told me they don’t support sync anymore but I can call them and they can try to help… I’m BEYOND angry…  I’ve been a member for a little over 20 yrs, I know how sync works and how to sync. Today sync dropped on my tablet and it wouldn’t let me set it back up again. Get error code 15. Also tried again to install on my phone, the 7.0 version… same problem as before, can’t sign into my account…


Edited to add I’m seeing on the photos above it was updated April 2023. The only one I can find in the playstore was updated Jan 2023.  It doesn’t work and I don’t see any other options for the updated April 2023 version unless that’s not an android version.