What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot: May 2023

What’s New at Carbonite + Webroot: May 2023
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Carbonite Safe® Server Backup – v6.8


New Carbonite Safe® server backup enhancements to save you time and storage space for your incremental backups. We are excited to introduce our latest update with enhanced Forever Incremental backup. 


New features

Enhanced Forever Incremental Backup Type

To help your business be even more resilient to data loss, this new addition enables users to incrementally forever back up their data without impacting performance, it means you can run more frequent incremental backups and enjoy improved recoverability while saving on the storage space.


Improved performance

In addition, we optimized backup times, and your incremental backups will now run 2X faster than previous versions.


Support and product information resources

Please refer to the release notes for information on current and recent releases. To view the status of Carbonite products, including Carbonite® Safe server backup, please visit the Carbonite Support page.


What is being released?


We are pleased to announce the release of the Webroot Mobile Security V7.1 Android App in the Playstore. The updated app is available in the Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webroot.wms


New Features

  • What’s new – A new inbuilt Activity Reporting feature has been added to the app. It will allow the users to preview their activity including Malware threat and Web threat activity summary for the last 30 days.
  • Users can go to the report summary and resolve the issues which are under review.
  • This feature will only be available for Complete and above licenses.


What is being released?

Secure Cloud integration with Kaseya BMS to enable retention and recruitment of MSPs leveraging the PSA platform.  




  • On demand sync of billable usage to ensure accurate invoicing of an MSP’s end customers
  • Ability to map customers, contracts, and services to the partner’s corresponding PSA data.
  • Support for annual, monthly, and one-time charges


Ransomware docuseries

Industry experts join us for a 6-episode docuseries that details the catastrophic effects ransomware has on businesses and how to prevent it. Watch the entire series now and learn how to mitigate threats.




OpenText Cybersecurity


Cyber resilience, the ability to maintain business operations in the face of unending and evolving cyber threats, can be an intimidating topic for any business. Adding to the challenge is the complexity of companies’ IT footprints — which today are often a distributed web of cloud applications, private servers, and employee devices. However, it does not need to be complicated.


Read the IDC report to learn why it is critical for businesses to adopt a cyber resilience framework. https://go.opentextsecuritysolutions.com/idc_ebook-2022.html

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Thanks for the updates

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Appreciate the information 

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Lookong forward to the Activity Reporting feature

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Thanks @TylerM but I had issues with Webroot Mobile Security V7.1 Android App as it said unregistered (2 Smart Phones) so I tried to add the Keycode again and that didn’t work so I uninstalled then reinstalled and Login into my Account and now works awesome on both phones no need for a Keycode! So if anyone has any issues as I did now you know what to do.



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Thanks for the update Tyler.

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Thanks for the update

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Webroot Mobile is going to be awesome for those who manage mobile devices 😮. Definitely going to be adding the docuseries to my watchlist!

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The docuseries is just the ideal thing for end users to be shown! Great stuff!

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Thanks as always @TylerM 

love updates!

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@TylerM  thank you for the update. I love this more than anything “you can run more frequent incremental backups and enjoy improved recoverability while saving on the storage space.” and “Ransomware docuseries” Now I need my Account Managers to go through these, and start pushing this info out to customers as well. 

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Thanks for the update Tyler, great to know that you guys always keep on top of revisions so the tools dont stagnate. Particularly interested in checking out the Ransomware Docuseries, I will be going through the videos this week! 

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Thanks for sharing the updates. Interested to check out the Ransomware series.

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Thanks for the updates Tyler. 

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Thanks for the update. On a related note - is there an Apple mobile security app?

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Great work on the mobile app.


The docuseries are highly appreciated. It is the right length to easily share awareness and knowledge with the team/customers