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What’s new at Carbonite + Webroot: November 2021

  • 29 November 2021
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What’s new at Carbonite + Webroot: November 2021
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Carbonite DTRS Updates

This release is meant to improve user experience and expand the reach of customers using DTRS. Here is the list of the externally focused changes:

  1.  Rewrite DTRS code into dotnet core
  2. Eliminate the need to stand up a SQL server to run this product.
  3. Remove the need to run this product on a separate machine from where Availability or Migrate are running

Webroot® Security Awareness Training

Webroot Security Awareness Training now offers training courses in Portuguese. This release completes our multi language support for the fiscal year. Look for new courses to be added regularly across English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.


What is being released?

A total of 22 new courses covering core security and compliance topics including:

  • Cloud – Best Practices  
  • Computing Devices –  Best Practices at Home and Office  
  • Cybersecurity –  Overview 
  • GDPR –  Overview 
  • Information Security –  Data Destruction  
  • Mobile Device Security  
  • Mobile Devices – App Safety  
  • Passwords – Best Practices  
  • Passwords – Passphrases  
  • Phishing – Best Practices  
  • Phishing – Inbox Simulations  
  • Physical Security – Best Practices  
  • Physical Security – Device Theft  
  • Social Engineering – Overview  
  • Social Engineering – Top Tips  
  • USB Security – Best Practices  
  • Websites and Software – Common attacks  
  • Websites and Software – HTTPS Secure Connection  
  • Websites and Software – Public Computer Use  
  • Websites and Software – URL Structure Explained  
  • WiFi Security – Best Practices  
  • Wifi Security – Public Networks and Mobile Hotspots


Additional releases:

  • Information Security and You – A new course from Webroot that shows employees how Information Security is a shared responsibility that minimizes risks to information. (preview)
  • Long3r is $trong3r (NINJIO) – This new course from NINJIO uses the Kaseya attack to teach employees about passphrase security and the risk of supply chain cyberattacks (preview)
  • Updated courses in German and Dutch from Awaretrain
  • Lure pages for Microsoft Sway and Excel Web Viewer
  • Email templates from recent Zix, ProtonMail and box attacks

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