What's New at Webroot and Carbonite: September 2021

  • 6 October 2021
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What's New at Webroot and Carbonite: September 2021
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What is being released?
We’re very pleased to announce the release of Universal Reporter v1.3, which brings in our most complete set of reports to date. 
New Features & Enhancements
With the release of version 1.3.21259.1, we are bringing the following new features and enhancements. 

  • What’s new - Users will be able to see what’s new including any new product as well as template releases within the online manual
  • Brand new templates -
    • Endpoint: Fully Extended Data with Shields, Modules, Blocked URLs & Threat Details
    • Endpoint: Fully Extended Data with Shields, Modules, Blocked URLs & Threat Details - Dark Theme
    • Endpoint: Fully Extended Data with Shields, Modules, Blocked URLs & Threat Details - Silver Theme
  • The new Fully Extended templates now provide a detailed breakdown of each threat encountered. 

  • All Extended templates now include the Script Shield Status

  • The Combined and all Endpoint templates now include Web Threat Shield threats

  • New Timeline Charts – To help visualize when threats occur during the month, the Endpoint templates now future an actual timeline rather than a stylized timeline. 

  • Cleaner & Clearer Reports – after listening to customer comments, we have made many new improvements to make the numbers and information presented within the templates cleaner and easier to understand.  For example, the templates no longer add Deactivated Endpoints on the numbers reported.  Point-in-time reports are clearer to understand.

  • New template version number column – versioning templates directly in the User Interface, rather than just in the manifest makes it much easier to identify older templates from the newer ones, especially after an upgrade.  Users will be able to identify and move from one Template version to another more elegantly.  When users create their own versions, again, they can identify these easier. 

  • Other miscellaneous Enhancements – Latest Unity API PowerShell Cmdlet and SDK



What is being released?

The driving factor for this release are to fix the customer issues. Here is the list of the externally focused changes:


  1. Ability to remove saved disks

  2. Updated the security headers for the website

  3. Added support/ test for CentOS 8.3  

  4. Notification improvements

  5. Added Linux additional distribution support



Sales Position & Related Features:

WSAT now offers training courses in French, Dutch and Spanish. These three languages are our Phase 1 multi language targets, with more languages planned for F22.

What is being released?

77 new courses across French, Dutch and Spanish covering these topics:

  • Cloud - Best Practices 

  • Computing Devices - Best Practices at Home and Office 

  • Cybersecurity - Overview 

  • Information Security - Data Destruction 

  • Mobile Device Security 

  • Mobile Devices - App Safety 

  • Passwords - Best Practices 

  • Passwords - Passphrases 

  • Phishing - Best Practices 

  • Phishing - Inbox Simulations 

  • Physical Security - Best Practices 

  • Physical Security - Device Theft 

  • Social Engineering - Overview 

  • Social Engineering - Top Tips 

  • USB Security - Best Practices 

  • Websites and Software - Common attacks 

  • Websites and Software - HTTPS Secure Connection 

  • Websites and Software - Public Computer Use 

  • Websites and Software - URL Structure Explained 

  • WiFi Security - Best Practices 

  • Wifi Security - Public Networks and Mobile Hotspots














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