AGENT CHANGES IN BUILD - December 9th 2014

  • 9 December 2014
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  • Journaling and rollback for very large change journals.
  • Console data set.
  • Support for new web filtering rollout.
  • Conflict with Kaseya remote keyboard.
  • LSP chain repair during remediation.
  • User Interface for tray messages.
  • Further scan engine improvements.

4 replies

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Hello Nic,
Nice to see this many news, but I think we, simple admins do not really get what do they mean exatcly.
Could you explain them, please?
Especially, these sound meaningless without the details to me:
  • Console data set.: ??? Sound like a real mistycism. Should be very nice enhancement though. 🙂
  • User Interface for tray messages. ?There are already tray messages (eg. malware found), what is new about it?
  • Journaling and rollback for very large change journals. ? I was told journaling is always running and records every little change by unknown processes no matter how long the process is being monitored. Could you give an example when it did not happen in the previous versions? What is the real change here?
I know it has been a very long-awaited step from Webroot to move their Enterprise customers to the same web filtering engine that consumer users are happy to use for years. Does this one: "Support for new web filtering rollout." means that it is going to happen or maybe it actually happens with this version? If not this version, then when and how will it happen on the endpoints?
Thanks a lot,
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Yeah some of those are a bit cryptic.  Let me see if I can give more detail:
Enhanced console data set - shows you whether the firewall is enabled on an endpoint, as well as which endpoints are virtual machines.
User interface tray messages - just some aesthetic improvements mainly.  The message shading now gives you color coding for the severity of the message (green, yellow or red)
Journaling and rollback for large journals - this is to enable proper handling of files that are over 2GB that need to be journalled.  There was also a bug with some long file names getting truncated after the rollback that was fixed.
Support for new web filtering rollout - it hasn't rolled out yet, but we're deploying the new driver-based web filter to make sure it installs properly before we turn it on for everyone.  The old web filter is still in place and being used, and we'll let you know when it switches over to the new one.
Hope that helps!
Are we ever going to have the ability to subscribe to client update information?  An RSS feed, email mailing list, or perhaps a dedicated forum channel?
I've turned off automatic updates for my servers because not rebooting after client updates eventually will cause the client to stop reporting to the web management console.  In general, it's not cool to have third-party software dictate the reboot schedule of servers.
But then I'm left without an easy way to know when client updates are released....  I don't have time to browse this forum daily.
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I've talked with some folks here and we're working on an RSS feed option for the updates.