Product Update Bulletin 9/3/13

  • 3 September 2013
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PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 17 - September 3rd 2013

In this release Webroot delivers many of the highly requested management console features which have formed a major part of the development roadmap for 2013. In this update we are introducing new 'Data Points,' basic support for the Apple Mac platform, and all new Group Management 'Views.'
  • NEW - Data Points - Following the release of the Alerting Templates made in May this year, more new data points are now available in key areas of the management console. With these enhancements, you will now be able to see who has been infected and when.
  • NEW - Group Management 'Views' - As part of our ongoing enhancements, this year we are introducing new Group Management 'Views.' These use the endpoint agents to automatically generate new hierarchical group management views for simpler management of complex environments and allow the Administrators see deployed endpoints based on their Active Directory, IP Range, or Workgroup information. The Group Management 'Views' are especially useful for managing users at multiple locations or, if the Administrator is a service provider, the management of multiple customers within a single management console.
  • NEW - Basic Apple Mac Support - A common request made to Webroot is, "Can you support Macs?" With this release, Administrators are now able to support Apple Macs, installing SecureAnywhere on them within their environment and having them report back to the management console.
NEW - Data Points

Group Management and Scan Data
Within Group Management, both the 'Endpoint' panel and the 'Scan History' panel have the following updates.

New Group Management Data Points
The new Endpoint views are:
  1. Last Internal IP Address
  2. MAC Address
  3. Last Active Directory Information
  4. Last Logged in User


New Scan History Console Views
The new Scan History Views are:
  1. Internal IP at time of scan
  2. MAC Address
  3. Active Directory information at time of scan
  4. Workgroup information
  5. Logged in User at time of scan
Reports Data
All Management Console Reporting will not be able to use the same new data points covered above. 
NEW - Group Management 'Views'
Based upon the information being sent by the agent, there will now be the new auto-group 'Views' in addition to the custom Group Management currently offered.


New Active Directory, IP Range, and Workgroup Views 
The auto-group views allow Administrators to have hierarchical views of endpoints and users based upon their:
  1. Active Directory hierarchy, "mirror mode" views
  2. IP Range views
  3. Workgroup information views
The Administrator cannot move endpoints from within the auto-grouped Group Management 'Views' as this visibility is based upon data provided by the agent. However, the 'View' will change if an endpoint is moved to another group and the agent resends its new view data to the management console.
NEW - Basic Mac Support
Administrators are now able to install SecureAnywhere on Apple Macs as part of their Webroot environment and have them report back to the Endpoint management console.

Visual differentiation of Macs from Windows endpoints 

We have also added visual identification of Macs differently to Pcs from within the Group Management area to make the Mac agent deployments more visible to Administrators.
However, as it is an Apple Mac OS environment, not all the functions available under Windows are enabled. Below is a list of the enabled and disabled functions.

Enabled Functions:Disabled Functions:
  • Mac device visibility/check in
  • Scan Agent Command
  • Cleanup Agent Command
  • System Cleanup Agent Command
  • Lock PC Agent Command
  • Log Off Agent Command
  • Reboot Agent Command
  • Shutdown Agent Command
  • Deactivate (no uninstall) Agent Command     
  • Health/Infection Status
  • Reports
  • Policies
  • Alerts
  • Overrides

Resources Apple Mac Agent Deployment
Additionally, we have updated the Resources area to now include a download button for the Mac agent so it may be deployed as easily as the Windows agent.

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Active Directory view. So. Cool.

Do you have any advice on what can cause the endpoints to say they don't have AD information to display?
Is it just me or is the management console 2x faster now?

Regression: When I reactivate an endpoint the list view returns to the first page.
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We've had some reports of AD info not always being gathered properly. It's scheduled to be fixed in the next build.

And yes, we've been working on improving performance as well. It's nice to see you noticed that. :)

I don't follow the "regression" comment. Was this an issue you had at some point in the past that was fixed and has now returned?
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Yeah, initially I couldn't figure out what changed after the new EULA, and I went "but it is way faster." This is good because the performance lately had seemed to decrease.  It's definitely faster than it's ever been before to respond. Nice job, code monkeys and DBAs.
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Hello Explanoit,
I too see some missing AD info on some of my endpoints in the new console build. This is in the works to be resolved in the next agent build which SHOULD be released in the next week or two. Lets revisit this after that release.
As for your browser window resetting to the previous window after reactivating an endpoint, I am not able to reproduce this. I can reactivate and the window stays on the deactivated endpoints group.
If this easily reproduces for you, would you please open a support ticket including browser info, OS, etc?
Thank you,
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Hey Shawn. Congrats on the latest console release.
Yes, I cleared all cache in Chrome and restarted it and same issue. I will open a ticket with support per your request.
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Great release, I was surprised to see so many new features and it not being the 2014 release. Now I can't wait to see what you have in store for that.
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@ I fear
"2014 Console features:
- New color scheme