PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN Global Site Manager 26.0 - June 2nd 2016

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As part of our continuing commitment to make the Global Site Manager management console provide you with the actionable and relevant information you need, we are releasing the following incremental updates to the GSM ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Sites’ tab sections. These improvements will particularly benefit multi-administered deployments where a large number of sites are managed from within the GSM console.
  1. NEW – Clearer messaging within the ‘Sites’ tab
  2. NEW – GSM ‘Dashboard’ improvements
  1. Clearer messaging within the ‘Sites’ tab We have improved and re-designed the ‘Sites’ tab to make it more effective at operating a large number of sites. The ‘Sites’ tab has been improved as follows.  [list=1]
  2. »   Previously the number of sites displayed was determined by those the user had access to.
  3. »   Toggling the show/not show ‘Deactivated’ sites check box did not correctly change the total displayed (it only displayed the amount of activated sites causing confusion for customers).
  4. »   This has now been changed and a new information message has also been added. 1. Only the ‘Activated’ sites total displayed if ‘Show Deactivated’ sites box was not checked. 2. ‘Activated’ and’ Deactivated’ sites total displayed if Show Deactivated sites box is checked. 3. New Messaging text to avoid confusion.
  • GSM Dashboard improvements

    A number of important incremental changes have been made to the GSM ‘Dashboard’ tab to improve the speed and appearance of the information that is displayed.

    Rendering: The GSM console features a pre-loading function, which detects when low network usage is present and begins to preload content which the admin is likely to need. Further improvements have been made to this logic so that pages are now rendered into the browser “Just-in-Time” as the user navigates to them - therefore consuming less browser memory. The overall amount of rendering has also been reduced.

    Animation: All animations used within the GSM console (fades, slides, etc.) are now performed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) transitions to give a smoother appearance and better performance, especially on mobile devices. Performance reducing animations have been removed so elements now appear immediately, contributing to speed improvements.

    Consistency: Numerous elements within the GSM console have been re-written to give a uniform appearance across all pages.

    Less “Activity Blocking” Situations: There are certain situations when using the GSM console that activity will be blocked or disabled until certain actions have been saved or completed. Some of these situations have now been removed so you are able to continue using the web application with the save logic being handled in the background.

    Example of issue: If previously you wanted to add or edit a chart on your Dashboard once you requested that action you would be blocked from doing anything else on your console until the request completed. Now, this request runs in the background and console access is maintained while the edit task is performing. 4. Example of the add/edit chart blocking that used to occur while performing that request. 5. New add/edit chart non-blocking whilst performing the request in background.[/list] 

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