Am i protected offline too?

  • 1 September 2019
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Webroot comes highly recommended and I am thinking of purchasing the same. I have understood why its footprint is so small compared to other programs in this genre.

What I need to know is, if I am not online (which would be quite frequent) and as an educator I insert pen drives from students to check their research work/presentations. If any one these removeable drives has a virus would my notebook be vulnerable to infection since I am offline

Is Webroot reactive(rather than proactive) In such situations ? and given my nature of occupation, is this the right program for me ?

Thank you

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Hello @perfection

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Yes WSA is very strong while offline as it has it's monitoring of unknown files and when you connect to Internet it will check it or them and if marked bad in the Cloud it will rollback to the pre-infection state.That's where the Offline Shield comes in and if something is executed it starts to Journal and when you do get back online and the Cloud says it's bad it will Rollback to the pre-infection state. Please look at the PC User Guide HERE .

"While WSA has the strongest protection when connected to the Internet, it provides significant protection when offline. A few thousand critical signatures are pushed down from the cloud for offlineprotection. The client remembers all of the files it's been told about to provide protection."

The client further uses behavioral heuristics to block threats when offline and can even turn into a full "whitelist-only" mode. All files are set to monitor when offline - heuristics are applied in real-time and pre-execution. Each system modification is precisely tracked by WSA. Once the client is back online, if a program is eventually found to be malicious, every change that was made can be reverted."

Please read here the KB Article which you will find interesting.

Also look HERE.

Hope this helps?