An introduction..

Hi all!
I thought I'd introduce myself as a new member, and user of WSA Complete.
I was first introduced to WSA at Wilders Security Forum, which made me make sure I visited the Webroot stand at InfoSec last week 😃 I'm very glad I did, WSA is running like a dream!
In "real life" I am a network manager for an educational organisation, where security is our number one priority. Currently running ESET throughout, with many other policies / software. I'll be watching WSA closely when our contracts run out :D
Glad to meet you all!

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Welcome to the Community!
I recommend you plan for a little bit of crossover related to the contracts if you can.  We give a 30-day trial of the Business agent and you'll want to make sure that if you decide you like it, you can swap over with a little overlap on ESET.  Since the agent coexists with other stuff nicely, it's trivial to install the WSA agent first and then uninstall other AV afterward so you have no lapse in protection. :)  Proper Planning Precedes Perfect Performance, after all!  The last thing you'd want is to have to throw a choice in with no time to make a well-informed decision.
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Hello mattfrog, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
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Hello mattfrog, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. :D
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Hi mattfrog!
You have joined the Community at a perfect time. You can familiarize yourself with our approach to business security.
I highly encourage you to check out our Competitive Comparison! 😉