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  • 10 May 2017
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Yesterday, a full screen pop up appeared on my screen with porn pictures.  The audio said I had been attacked by a virus and I needed to take action.  I quickly turned off my computer.
This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this.  I haven't even visited a porn site.  So why would I receive a porn related pop up?
I manually scanned my computer using Webroot and it did not report a virus.
Why did this happen?

1 reply

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Hi larry5729
Welcome to the Community Forums.
What you are describing does not necessarily mean that your system is infected with malware or the like. It could just be that you have chanced upon a dubious site, or are the subject of frivolous ads, or somehow a PUA or Potential Unwanted Application has made its way onto your system
If you are really concerned about this despite the fact that WRSA has not found anything then I would Open a Support Ticket, explain the issue therein and get the Support Team to advise/investigate the next best course of action.
If you could provide some more information as to what the message said/what the popup indicated it was linked to (the miscreants often are quite specific as to who is behind this sort of thing) we can also advise further as to whether it is likely to be a PUA or just something that an Ad Blocker would deal with.
Either way the choice is your...just let us know what you decide.
Regards, Baldrick