I think I have been the victim of a webroot scam..

  • 24 January 2014
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A tech cleaned up my computer yesterday and downloaded Webroot on my computer.  Now I have discovered:
1.  The $250.00 that I paid for this service was a bit more than the $50.00 others are paying.
2.  He only downloaded it onto my laptop but my desktop is still using PCMRI.  Which was also a rip-of.
3.  I did not receive a key code for my rather expensive security.
4.  I am unable to make contact with him.
5.  He told me this was a one time expense.  "The security is for your lifetime".
6.  I am feeling incredibly old and very stupid at the moment.
Any suggestions?

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Hi Margot, 
You have definitely been scammed, but not by Webroot. This may have been a third-party tech service that presents themselves as other software companies (or at least represent themselves in specialists in the product) and offers expensive technical assistance for them. 
If this was a technician from Geek Squad/Best Buy, please let me know. They are actually a partner and we will be able to resolve any issues by working with their team.
Webroot offers 100% free technical support AND advanced malware removal. I've included our legitimate contact information below.
I suggest contacting your bank and explaining the scam service and that they were not the company you thought you were dealing with.
I really do apologize for the frustration they have caused and am going to give you additional days onto your account to ease the headache they've caused. You can Send me a Private Message with your keycode whenever convenient.
Sales Number: 1-866-612-4268
Support Number: 1-866-612-4227
Support Ticket: 
Thank you for the advise, I will follow it. However, I didn't receive a keycode, that is part of the problem.
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Don't feel like this is your fault! This happens often and there are many people trying to put themselves before others with hurtful scams. 
I'll help you get onto a free subscription of Webroot and make sure you are protected. I'll also investigate to see if they in fact did create a keycode for you and see if I can find any more information about them.
Would you like this keycode registered to your Gmail address? If not, please Send me a Private Message with the email address that you would like to use. 
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I have seen this come across so many times, and something else I would recommend is to actually contact support and have the real webroot support log in and remove all the remote software that they could have put on it and also see if they can set you up for your own license as the scammers can remotely send commands from the webroot console asking as your listed under their console, if you would like outside help please contact your local computer shop or pm me and I can help you find out yourself if they did so, and I do recommend your first and most important steps are to contact your bank and credit card companies and tell them you were involved in a scam and to contact you for suspicious activity and or get a new card, please don't be to frightened though, if you are truly frightened from this pm me and I can help you make it as close to impossible for them to do so again
You can send the keycode to ~snip removed email from public snip~. I am grateful for your help. I watched my computer all the time this fellow had it on remote usage and I did see him type in a keycode. Whether or not it was legit????? M Chamberlin
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I would ring your credit card company and dispute the payment, its a scam and you will hopefully get your money back.
I am so sorry you went through this - it could happen to anyone
It would be helpful if you could explain how the scammer got in touch with you and what conviced you they were genuine. It would other members of the community - thanks!
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The way they do it is they collect cold caller sheets form the local government with your address and landline and or cell phone number, they call off of that, and that's why it's something that almost right after it happens to you you hear of other having that issue just a couple streets away.