Removing computers from the list of deactivated endpoints

Hello there,

Is there a way to remove computers from Deactivated Endpoints list? I have found a thread about similiar subject from 9 years ago. It says that i need contact support . Was there any changes regarding this method in passing monthsl?


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Hi @MatthewZ 

You will need to contact support. 

I am curious as to why you’d want to do that. It doesn’t hurt by leaving them there and I actually can sometimes utilize that list as a reference for any troubleshooting with incorrectly deactivated endpoints,  looking up old endpoints etc… 


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I personally want to have the ability to remove these and we’ve had many chats on here about this.

mainly because I like to be super today and devices that are no longer in use I’d like to remove from the deactivated section.

I believe this was being looked into but for now you need to contact support who can manually go in and remove them for you