Renewing my security package

  • 13 April 2014
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Hi Guys,
My Webroot security is up for renewal..........can I just the ‘complete’ the best package to have??......... Just to refresh so you don’t assume I’m some sort of joker (and to those who don't know).......I'm bedbound, chronically ill from a virus, contracted 3yrs ago following a routine tooth op.  It entered my brain and central nervous system and has affected all my systems and organs......
My laptop is now literally my whole world.  However, I’m not up to complex answers. I just didn’t want anyone at a quick glance to think it was a shallow or trivial question, without knowing the facts. :$ 
Unfortunatly I can’t keep up to all security information as my cognition is impaired and fluctuates greatly. This will be my 3rd year of Webroot security and I greatly appreciated being excepted into the community (though are can’t participle as often or to the level that I would like) but where I can ask dumb question……. And it be OK
Thank you in advance   
Kindly regards

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Hi allyb
Apologies but I was not aware of your circumstances...must have been elsewhere when you shared.
To answer your question simply I would have to say 'Yes', despite it being more expensive than AntiVirus or Internet Security Plus it does a more 'Complete' (excused the play on words... job.  The best place to review the main differenc e (if you have not already been there is on this page.  My reasoning is that Complete gives you the System Optimizer, and safe and simple way to get rid of all the internet & general usuage detritus AND you also have the backup & synchronisation of key files & folders (25Gb worth) all in one need to go find another solution.
Given your circumstances/what you say about yourself as much as possible being available in a single, effective, simple & elegant solution would seem to me to be the best choice.
I am of course assuming that you are currently either using the Internet Security Plus or Complete versions at present.
I hope that helps...and if it also helps/you need help please feel free to PM me or chase me up in the Community (using the @username tag) any time.  Always happy to try to help or to find a Community member who is the right expert.
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Thank you Baldrick!! yes I currently have the 'complete' and will reorder it now. :)

Kindliz .............. :)
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Hi allyb
Glad I could be of assistance...
As I mentioned before...please feel free to reach out either provately or via the Community...always happy to try to help out.
Have a great end of weekend.