Virus Protection, Last Pass password protection and wifi security - Can they be used with more than one browser?

  • 1 September 2020
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I currently use Chrome Browser with my Webroot products, but may wish to also use the Microsoft browser with the Webroot products.   Can I use the virus protection, Last Pass and wifi security with more than one browser?  If so, how do I do it? 


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Hello @rlkacct 


The AV protects the system so your good with any browser! To install the Web Threat Shield look here:


I’m not sure about LassPass but I will ping @PVaddi  and or @coscooper and maybe they can help.


Again the Wi-Fi protects the system and it doesn’t matter which browser you use!



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@rlkacct - as far as i’m aware, Last Pass works across all browser, Chrome, FF, Edge (Latest version which is Chromium based) - I personally do not use it, but several on our team (on the business side) do use it regularly and have confirmed it works fine with all major browsers.

For the WTS (Web Threat Shield) extension, it too works across all browsers as @TripleHelix indicated.