World of Warplanes cannot login with Webroot enabled

  • 26 November 2019
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This is an ongoing issue with several other folks as well.  We can successfully start the game/gamecenter but if Webroot is active while trying to login will continuously disconnect from server.  When Webroot is disabled no issues whatsoever.  All associated processes listed in utilities are set to “Allow”  Ticket has been submitted to Webroot 11-25-2019

2 replies

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Hello @whodatz1 Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :relaxed:

Yes this does seem to be an issue with a few of the Webroot members. I see that you have already submitted a Support Ticket on this problem. It usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 24 or 48 hours for a reply from Support, depending how busy they are.  On your Support Ticket, please wait for a response from Support. Putting in another Support Ticket on this problem before Support responses will put your first Support Ticket at the end of the queue.


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I have the same issue with world of warships