A single unique identifier for each endpoint irrespective of the operating system or hardware.

  • 19 December 2018
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I am not sure I am missing something, but why is an endpoint entry determined by either the id generated based off of the hardware and sofware? Why isn't there a single unique ID generated irrespective of the operating system or hardware? I feel the majority of duplicates happen because either the hardware changed for an endpoint or the operating system was significantly updated.
I understand that you need to differentiate between machines for licensing, but it's interesting that the base for the generation of id's chosen aren't the most stable elements.

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Well we actually generate 3 IDs, using different methods, that are concatenated together to make an unique ID.  
Duplicate devices tend to appear when the IDs are lost from the Device which can happen during a OS upgrade - having IDs independant of the hardware or OS would not make a difference in that scenario. 
We're aware of issues around duplicates and will be gradually changing how they are dealt with.  We have to go carefully as we really don't want to generate more duplicate devices. 
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