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  • 2 March 2019
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I am unable to download files on my laptop and could not find an answer in the forums.
I have Webroot on my desktop computer and an older Asus laptop and it operates trouble-free.

However, on my new Acer laptop, I am unable to download any files.
The download tab indicates "Failed - Virus Scan Failed."
This is immediately apparent with small files, such as images.
With larger files, such as podcasts, the download appears to progress normally, with the timer counting down: 3 minutes remaining, 2 minutes remaining, 1 minute remaining, etc. until the end at which point the Failed tab pops up.

I followed Windows instructions to be certain that the Internet Settings were not hindering this.
No other virus or protection programs are active on the computer that I am aware of, including Windows Defender.

Can someone please tell me if Webroot is blocking these downloads, and if so, how to correct this.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
The inability do download anything really hamstrings this laptop.

Thank you


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1 reply

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I solved the problem.
I stated that no other Antivirus programs were present, but that wasn't true.

This came with a free 90-day trial of McAfee.
It expired and was disabled but not removed.
I had forgotten about it because I have barely used the laptop since I bought it.
A popup reminding me to resubscribe jogged my memory.
It was blocking everything.

Maybe this can help someone else.