Command to poll console on a Mac agent?

  • 8 September 2017
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I regularly use the WSAB -poll command for Windows workstations, having scripted it into our RMM software so I can force agents to poll the Webroot console when I have made policy changes, or when I've found an update is available.
Is there a similar Terminal command for Mac agents?  I'd like to be able to work with the Mac agent the same way, pushing out a poll command to them when an agent is not updating.

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3 replies

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Greetigns @,
I've checked with our Business Team and they've told me that this is the command you're looking for:
FORCE POLL:sudo /usr/local/bin/WSDaemon -poll
Feel free to reach out to them directly if you need any further assistance regarding this.
Open a Support Ticket
Business Technical Support: Call 1-866-254-8400
Will this cause any type of user interaction, like a request for admin rights? I would love to script this in Continuum, but I have little experience scripting things for MAC's. We have clients that do not want any popups when they are working on their devices.
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@, no it is not going to create any user prompts.
You can find more information on this Release here.
I hope this helps!