DWP 5.1 - Google very slow...

  • 24 May 2017
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Hi All, recently we've noticced that some  webpages are timing out or are very slow to respond. Websites incuding google.co.uk, gmail.com, hotmail.com ... Anyone else having this issue?

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Greetings @ and welcome to the Community!!!
We currently do know about the slowness and overall latency through the UK proxy. Our dev team is working on a fix. Today Webroot DevOps team pushed out an update to 25% of proxies based in the UK. Over the next 24 hours, Webroot Operations will monitor the performance of the upgraded proxies to ensure that the changes made are working as expected.
Once we have confirmed that the initial push has been successful the remaining 75% will be upgraded over the coming days.
As a result of the staggered rollout only customers who are connecting to the upgraded proxies will notice a performance increase, please note we are unable to direct customers to the upgraded proxies.
Once the rollout has been completed we’ll send a further update, or you can always contact our Support Team directly for prompt assistance.