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  • 18 January 2020
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I tried to install Webroot for home last Thursday. It never ran an install program, never asked for my Keycode I was given after purchase. An expired program installed, but the Keycode is different  from the one that was given to me, and it won’t let me uninstall it. I have had memory problems ever since, and it causes my pages to open a little slower than normal. I have tried to contact Tech support, but am being ignored or they want me to activate a service console, but any new password I try to put in, it will not accept. Can anyone help with this, and is there an easier way to get in touch with Tech support? The phone numbers they have listed don’t work. I’m getting quite desperate now! 


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3 replies

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Hello @gypsy1957 

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Sorry to hear you are having these issues.

Please Submit a Support Ticket or Contact Support  (during Business hours). Support can assist you free of charge with an Active Webroot subscription.



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Thanks! I finally managed to activate my service console. But I have received  an email saying that I have a response from the messages I sent, but when I get into my console, I don’t see any replies. Where do the replies show up at? And the support phone number is wrong, it should be 11 numbers long, not 10.

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Hello @gypsy1957 

Great to hear you have activated your Online Account Console.

You should of received a Support Ticket with the link to your ticket . Like this one below:


You have a new message from Webroot Technical Support.

Please read the message by visiting the following web page:

Edited :Which will lead you to this Link

If you are asked to logon, use the credentials we have provided below:

- Email address: Which will be your email address

- Password: G…….

Thank you,

Webroot Technical Support


Now this the the legitmate  Webroot Support for USA.

Technical Support

Webroot Support:

Submit a ticket

Call 1-866-612-4227


Hope this helps?