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We have been using webroot now for a few months and I have been exploring some of the features that webroot has and I stumbled across the download and run file feature and I was testing it but for some reason I am not able to get it to work. Basically I am trying to run a .msi installer and its not working. Does anyone know which directory the file gets stored when its downloaded? What is the correct syntax that should be used? Any help is greatly appreciated

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It should store in the default download directory - normally "Downloads" in your user folder. After you download it you should just be able to run it - the only time you need special syntax is if you are installing on a virtual machine or cloned machine. Is that the case, or is it just a regular install?
I was testing this on a virtual machine before deploying it to some live workstations. What user does webroot run as? are any dialogs that "usually" come up during a installation supressed? that is why I was using /qn /norestart on the .msi but Im not sure what the correct syntax for that would be. Either just /qn /norestart or program.msi /qn /norestart. 
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Tgese two guides should have the syntax you need:
If you're still having trouble let me know and I can have support reach out to you.
I am still having trouble getting this to work. I uploaded a link to the .msi to my webserver and I can download the file however when I put the link into webroot after about 15 minutes I get a message saying "Executed" in the commands window and I still dont see the program in the downloads folder or anywhere on the system. 
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Why don't I have support reach out to you - it's probably easier to troubleshoot that way. Are you ok if I open a ticket on your behalf?
Yes, I would appreciate that.
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Ticket submitted!
I got a response from support. I appreciate all your help!
Would you mind sharing the fix for all of us please?
Hi there, 
There's no fix for this as it's not broken, more just clarification. When edtrud wrote in with a support ticket, this is essentially what I told him. 
The "Download and run a file" option is specifically designed for Webroot related tools. In fact, all options under the Advanced section of the Agent commands are designed for support and escalations. Anything that you try and push through the Advanced section is unsupported, unless specifically instructed by the support team.
Hope that helps,
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