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  • 14 October 2013
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As everyone knows Microsoft dscontinues support for Win XP in April 2014. Is Windows XP going to be listed in Platforms Supported by Webroot after April 2014? I also wonder what will be the  reaction of other AV vendors. It seems to me that's extremely risky for AV product  to officialy support OS which is no longer patched.

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I can guarantee you that XP suport will continue through 2014. Way too many businesses stuck on XP, and antivirus will be the last line of defense without patching. Business users would revolt. After that, we'd need a response from Webroot. I'm guessing they'll discontinue mid or end of 2015?
However, I have no doubt the product will continue to work and protect the endpoints since that functionality is almost completely based in the cloud. And since there will be no more Microsoft kernel updates, it's not like anything is going to break to make it stop working.
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As Explanoit says, XP is so widely used that it will be quite some time before we discontinue supporting it - we do not have a set end date for any time in the near future. Microsoft has pushed back the EOL a number of times, so they may end up pushing it back themselves. At this point, we plan on supporting it as long as it is being used by our customers. 
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As a sys admin I'd HIGHLY reccomend moving off XP as soon as you can find the $, or atleast create a paper trail of you asking for funds to replace your xp boxes to CYA.  Personally, I have a single non networked xp box (schedualed to die soon) and  I've already started moving from 7 to 8 to avoid getting screwed on the back end of the 7 life cycle, That being said I'd anticipate XP being supported for another year or 3.
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Agreed with Chris.
It's surprising how often this advice needs to be repeated.
You should already consider XP as EOL.
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Hi Anna
Any changes here? Will Webroot continue to support XP as long as you find it's in use? Still no end-dates in sight from your end ?